Marketing Innovation Process

Create Invent Develop Transform Design New products, packages, labels New benefits New segments New concepts New communication strategies New marketing strategies Ideation Proces Concept Development Process New Product Development Process Insights Generation Strategic Brand/Consumer Workshops.

Deep Understanding Process

Learn Discover Break paradigms Consumer - Who: Needs, aspirations, motivations, values, dreams, frustrations and barriers regarding the categories, product segments and brands
Key meaning and benefits of the categories, segments and brands
Unmet needs around categories, product segments and brands
Deep Immersion Understanding Process around consumers, categories, product segments and brands Ethnographic Research Process Shopper Understanding at point of sale Consumer Panels

Digital Virtual Qualitative Process

Any of our processes can be planned and executed using digital virtual tools. Conscious of the new communication channels of consumers, we continue experimenting and adopting new options that complement, enrich and accelerate qualitative research. This includes:

Online Consumer Panels
Online Interviews and Group Sessions
Online Diaries
We have learned that virtual tools cannot replace being "face to face" with the consumer, so we take best advantage of these new methods as another way to get closer to the consumer and her world the way she sees and lives it!.

Early Understanding Process

Anticipate Adjust Optimize the Marketing Plan Early diagnosis of initiative performance, its strategy and execution Qualitative Tracking Process

Strategic Imaging Process

Learn Discover Break paradigms Understand where the brands and their benefits live in the hearts and imaginations of consumers Relevance of the brands and the main competitors Brand deep dive understanding Strategic directions of the brands, categories and segments Strategic Imaging Workshops: Big-Bang Workshop Strategic Mock up Workshop

Tactical Assessment Process

Fine - tune Select Explore potential upside Optimize strategies Assessment and Optimization of concepts, communication, packaging Concept & Communication fine tuning process Product, Package and Label Test Expert Panels Technical Tests of Product performance