Our history is simple…as with all enterprises that grow from passion for what they practice and perseverance in what they believe. Above all, by valuing intuition as the compass directing our path, CJS has successfully delivered for more than 25 years in the fascinating practice of qualitative research. Because investigation will always be what we most like to do in life, we have continuously reinvented our practice to confront the needs of those who require consumer understanding.

In 1991 after formative experience with respected companies including Unilever, Shell and Dow Chemicals, at a young age in her profession as a psychologist, Claudia Jimenez founded CJS to become the qualitative research partner for the multinational Procter & Gamble. Recently established in Colombia, P&G identified in CJS a sharp precision in moderation, analysis and interpretation. In short time, there were more clients… and CJS ceased to be only Claudia, and evolve to a solid team of psychologists with the same passion for qualitative research.

In 1993 Maria Mercedes Páez joins CJS, bringing a unique style of moderation as well as an intuitive "scientific lens." In 1997 Martha Consuelo Pinzón joins, after ample achievement in the pharmaceutical sector, and brings a vision specialized in this important segment. Claudia, Maria Mercedes and Martha remain as the same solid team, now with decades of experience, leading CJS International Inc.

In 1997 CJS responds to the challenge to become a Regional agency across Latin America, an initiative for many of our clients, for whom counting on the proven service of CJS is of great value beyond Colombia. We have achieved the complex work of our own standardization in Qualitative across countries, because we firmly believe that good research demands great rigor in process, precision in analysis, and above all, the application of proven experience.

Good things have come during this time… Innovative methods through working shoulder to shoulder with our clients and co-creating with them. Our "thinking processes" are an example of this experience that brings significant value and depth to meet strategy.

CJS has worked with more than 300 brands, in more than 12 countries, with a perspective always centered in the consumer. Passion + Intuition + Perseverance continue to be the values that drive our work day by day.