What happens when specialization in Qualitative is combined with intuitive vision to cross the categories and geographies of Latin America?

Responding to the needs of our clients, we challenged ourselves to reapply our service, from Mexico to Argentina, to become the center of knowledge of the Latin American consumer.

In Qualitative we know that upon crossing borders, the possibilities become infinite, but the standards almost non-existent. So we took on standardizing processes at the Regional level, that now guarantee not only quality service but also complete control over the details that ensure success of your project

It is this journey of nearly 20 years penetrating different cultures, idiosyncrasies, beliefs, habits, routines and dialects of the many Latin American consumers that have earned us the role of strategic partner, beyond moderator. We know the power of capitalizing on this knowledge…in Qualitative, the sum of learning that cross borders, categories and consumers, truly counts!

CJS INTERNATIONAL, center of knowledge of the Latin American consumer. So that you do not lose valuable perspective and connections by working with different suppliers in each country, CJS leads the complete management of your project across the Region.